Comprehensive measuring service

This service involves the measuring of existing floors, ceiling, walls, windows and doors in your prospective home or work space. Our certified measurements are accurate, reliable and will save you money.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone that wants to confirm the size or measurement of existing floors, ceiling, walls, windows and doors
  • Any individual, group or organization starting or thinking about a building or renovation project
  • Building or Interior Design professionals far away from the site


  • Transparent – We tell you exactly how your space measures via a floor plan and or a report
  • Will most definitely guarantee you don’t get cheated or mislead by artisans
  • Will ensure you know size of your ceiling, floor and wall space, which will be required in order to estimate the cost of specific products and services. For Example: POP ceilings, floor coverings, window coverings and wall coverings for example.
  • The report will be very helpful to your project implanter /site manager and or interior designer
  • Will give you freedom to purchase goods with confidence anywhere in the world because you have all the measurements at your fingertips.
  • If you are renting or selling your property, you need to be certain that your property is the size that you represent it to be.

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