Our space planning and design service is the perfect tool to help you visualize how your space will look. We use unique computer software to generate 2D/3D renders so you can virtually put all the pieces together before any work starts, again, saving you money.

Who is it for?

  • Property development firms
  • An architectural firm without an interior design department
  • Anyone that is building a residential or commercial property
  • Anyone planning a renovation project of any kind


  • You get to understand your space and see what goes where.
  • You have the opportunity to see how your space will look based on your brief and colour preference
  • It ensures everything fits perfectly in your space based on actual measurements
  • It’s a useful tool to enable contractors to understand your vision and standards
  • It’s a great inventory planner
  • You get to save costs by ensuring mistakes, which cost money are minimized.

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